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The english language uses many greek and latin roots, stems, and prefixes these roots are listed alphabetically on three pages: greek and latin roots from a. Lūmina, lūminum, npl eyes , lūna, lūnae, f moon lupus, lupī, m wolf lūscus, lūsca, lūscum, one-eyed lūsus, lūsūs, m play, games , lūx, lūcis, f light, daylight.

From latin lupus (“wolf”) lupus the specific name of the grey wolf, canis lupus (zoology) an animal which acts in the savage manner of a wolf, particularly.

Persons | casual dating service kbgrownupdatingmkjtlocalpolitics101us beach latin dating site wolf pen personals eldorado jewish single women. This is a list of latin words with derivatives in english (and other modern languages) annular, annulate, annulation, annulus, anus, biannulate, circumanal, exannulate, penannular, semiannular, subanal lupus, lup-, wolf, lupine.

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Wolf pen latin singles
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